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Confirm the System Environment

To use JWBL LIVE TV, you need system requirements as below.

PC system environment

  • Windows 7,8.1,10
  • Mac OS X 10.11 ElCapitan
  • macOS 10.12 Sierra
  • (We recommend that you use the latest version of macOS.)
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge 38 or later
  • Safari 9.0 or later
  • Google Chrome 55 or later
  • Mozilla Firefox 50 or later
  • (Excepting IE, we recommend the latest version for each browser.)
Plug-in flash 10.1 or later
Graphics / sound card DirectX compatible
CPU Core i3 or higher
Memory 4GB or more
Communication speed download average 2Mbps or more
JavaScript enabled
  • ※For JWBL LIVE TV, we recommend Internet Explorer9 or later, safari6 or later, Chrome14 or later and we especially recommend the latest version of Chrome. Chrome installation here.

Smartphone / Tablet system environment (LIVE streaming)

  • Android4.0 or later
  • iOS5 or later
  • Standard browser
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Dolphin Browser
  • Firefox
  • Flash Player 10.1 or later
  • HLS Player
  • ※If you are using an Android device and having trouble viewing JWBL LIVE TV on your browser,please try using the Dolphin Browser.
    After logging in, please go to[LIVE]→[HLS]→"Open online"(オンラインで開く)

Smartphone / Tablet system environment (Inning Videos)

  • We changed viewing system for Inning Videos with Smartphone / Tablet system environment.
  • Please check your viewing system environments.
  • Android4.4.4 or later
  • iOS6 or later
  • Chrome
  • Safari


By purchasing a paid service plan, you can watch LIVE TV / Videos.

New customers

  • Please click"Registration(利用登録)"on the upper right side of the JWBL LIVE TV top screen.
  • From the list of service names and prices please click the "Registration" (利用登録) button for the service pack you wish to view; "JWBL LIVE TV Unlimited Viewing Pack" (見放題パック), or "1day Ticket" (1dayチケット).
  • Please enter the required information.
  • A confirmation screen will be displayed, so please confirm your registration information and click "Send" (入力情報を送信する). Please click on the payment method URL sent to your registered email address.
  • When the payment method selected on the "Registration" (利用登録) screen opens, please enter the required information and make your payment (see credit card payment screen above).
  • After confirming the information, click the red "Submit" (登録する) button.
  • Payment is complete when the "Completed" (利用登録は正常に完了しました) screen is displayed.

Customers with login ID

  • Please click the "Login" (ログイン) button on the upper right of the JWBL LIVE TV top page.
  • Please enter your ID (email address) and password and click "Login" (ログイン).
  • After logging in, please click "Your Name" (お客様のお名前) displayed on the upper part of the JWBL LIVE TV Top page.
  • When the "My Page" (マイページ) service status screen opens please select the "Registration" (利用登録) button for the service you wish to purchase.
  • Please select a payment method and click the red "Agree to terms and services / go to confirmation page" (利用規約に同意の上、入力情報の確認へ進む) button located at the bottom of the page.
  • After confirming the information, click the red "Submit" (入力情報を送信する) button.
  • After entering your credit card information etc. click the red "Confirm" (確認画面へ) button.
  • After confirming the information, click the red "Submit" (登録する) button.
  • Registration is complete when the above screen is displayed.

Available payment methods

"Credit Card Payment" (クレジットカード決済) can be selected.

  • Credit Card payment:Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, and Diners Club accepted.
  • * Debit card registration withdrawal methods differ from credit card withdrawal methods. For details please check with the issuing company of the debit card.

About the handling of information

  • ・What kind of information needs to be entered?
    E-mail address, name, sex, and date of birth are required. Customers paying by credit card must also enter their credit card information.
  • For what purpose is the information registered with "JWBL LIVE TV" used?
    Please check our "Privacy Policy" regarding the handling of personal information.
  • How can I stop email notifications delivered to my registered email address?
    After logging in, you can stop notifications via "My Page" (マイページ).

Watch LIVE TV / Videos

To view LIVE TV and Inning Videos you must purchase a paid service plan.


  • Please visit the JWBL LIVE TV top screen for the date and time of the game you wish to view.
    Please click the play button of the game you wish to view from today's LIVE TV broadcast.
  • LIVE TV viewing will begin.(If you are not logged in, the log-in page will be displayed)


Cancellation procedures

  • Please click the "Login" (ログイン) button on the upper right of the JWBL LIVE TV top page.
  • Please enter your ID (email address) and password and click "Login" (ログイン).
  • After logging in, please click "Your Name" (お客様のお名前) displayed on the upper part of the JWBL LIVE TV Top page.
  • When the service status screen of My Page opens, please click "Cancel" (解約) displayed beneath "Service In Use" (サービス利用中).
  • If possible, please fill out the cancellation questionnaire and then proceed to "Please note" (注意事項) before clicking the "Confirm" (確認画面へ) button. (Filling out the questionnaire is not mandatory)
  • The cancellation screen corresponding to your payment method will open, please go to cancellation procedures.
    Cancellation is complete when the completion screen for each payment company is displayed.
  • ※If you do not receive a cancellation completion notification, please log in again and check your member information. If you are still able to view videos, then cancellation has not been completed, please complete the above procedure once more.
  • ※Once cancellation is completed you will not be able to view any programs.
  • ※As fees are charged on the 1st of every month we recommend cancelling at the end of the month.

Problems when cancelling

If you encounter problems cancelling by the above procedure, our office will complete the procedure for you.In such case, to confirm your identity please email the following information to our office.

  • Your full name (Kanji/Kana)
  • Your registered email address
  • Your birthday
  • The prefecture in which you live
  • The date you wish to cancel
  • ※It may take anywhere from 3 days to 1 week after receiving your email for the cancellation to be complete. As it may not be possible to cancel on your requested date, we appreciate your understanding in advance.
  • ※As soon as the service is cancelled it will no longer be possible to view programs even if there is time remaining in the month. We appreciate your understanding on this point as well.
  • ※After cancellation, your member information will remain intact, so you can simply log in via My Page and view videos immediately after you complete purchasing procedures.
  • ※For how to purchase please go to"Customers with login ID"

Update Member Information

Update profile

  • Click where your name is displayed on the upper part of the Top page.
  • Click on "Member Information" (登録情報) at the top of "My Page" (マイページ).
  • Click on "Update" (変更する) to the right of profile information.
  • Enter the information you wish to change and click "Confirm" (確認画面へ).
  • If there are no mistakes on the confirmation page, click "Update" (変更する) to complete the changes.

Update password

  • From "Member Information" (登録情報) on "My Page" (マイページ) click "Update" (変更する) to the right of the password.
  • Enter the current password and the new password and click "Update" (変更する).

Update E-mail address

  • From "Member Information" (登録情報) on "My Page" (マイページ) click "Update" (変更する) to the right of the password.
  • Enter your new e-mail address and click on "Confirm" (確認画面へ).
  • After confirming the contents are correct, click "Send" (確認メールを送信), the update will be complete when you receive a confirmation email at the new address.

Update credit card information

  • From service status on "My Page" (マイページ), click "Change Payment Method" (決済方法を変更する).
  • From the "Change Payment Method" (決済方法を変更する) screen, click "Change Credit Cards" (使用するクレジットカードの変更手続きへ).

Update Settings

How to hide the score

  • Please click the pink "on" button on the upper portion of the Top Page.
  • If the display is switched to "off", the score will be hidden.

This function is for those who wish to enjoy the game without knowing the progress of the game or the final results. When the score display is set to "OFF" the score will not be displayed on "TODAY's LIVE" page or the "Game VOD" page displayed on the Top Page.

  • ※It is still possible to click on the inning you wish to see, even if the score is set to "OFF" and is not displayed.
  • ※Score display: ON / OFF cannot be switched on days without any games.


JWBL LIVE TV is an internet LIVE TV viewing service.

What games can be watched?

  • ・Queen match
  • ・JAPAN CUP entry play-off

The above is subject to change. For details please check the "Registration" (利用登録) page contents for the viewing limitations of the"2 Plans(2種のプラン)".

About Login

I cannot login

  • If you see this message it is possible that your ID or password were not entered correctly. As the password distinguishes between upper- and lowercase letters, please confirm the upper- and lowercase letters and try again.

I forgot my password

  • Please click the "Forgot Password" (パスワードを忘れた方は) button above the login button on the log-in screen.
  • The password reset URL will be sent to the registered email address.

I want to check my purchasing status

  • Please login and click the user name displayed at the top of the site.
  • You can check your service status, purchase and cancellation history etc.

About Purchasing

Can I cancel the "JWBL LIVE TV Unlimited Viewing Package" (見放題パック) mid-way?

After logging in, you can cancel this service from "My Page" (マイページ) at any time. However, you can no longer receive service at the time of cancellation.

How much will I have to pay if I cancel the "JWBL LIVE TV Unlimited Viewing Package" (見放題パック) mid-way through the month?

Regardless of what time during the month services are cancelled, the monthly fee will be charged.

Is the "JWBL LIVE TV Unlimited Viewing Package" (見放題パック) cancelled automatically when the season ends?

We do not cancel automatically. we plan to broadcast live viewing of team events as well as featured videos from the season.

In case the registration confirmation email hasn't arrived, or more than 24hrs have passed.

It may have been sent to "Junk mail".Please set your filter to allow "@jwbl.or.jp" and check the junk mail folder once again.

From the log-in page on the lower right hand side of the login form, click "Forgot Password" (パスワードを忘れた方は) to reset your password, after that you can purchase services via "My Page" (マイページ). When using a PC, after login you can click "My Page" (マイページ) on the upper part of the Top Page, when using a smartphone, select "My Page" (マイページ) from the "MENU".

About LIVE TV Viewing

What is the image quality level?

Is it only possible to watch from the device (PC or smartphone) that was originally registered?

It’s possible to view JWBL LIVE TV on a device other than the one originally registered, but it is not possible to view it on two or more devices simultaneously. For example, if after watching on a PC, you wish to watch on a smartphone, please log out on the PC before logging in on the smartphone. (You can log out from the "Logout" (ログアウト) button at the top right of "My Page" (マイページ).)

I applied but I was not able to watch the LIVE TV / Videos. Can I get a refund?

Refunds cannot be given for any purchase plans except in cases of "1day Ticket" where a designated game is canceled. Please try to solve the problem via "I cannot View LIVE TV", or contact our office.

Is it possible to record programs automatically?

LIVE TV cannot be recorded. However, videos of each game inning are continually uploaded and can be viewed at any time.

What is the difference between FLASH and HLS?

Only Android devices (smartphones, tablets) can select FLASH or HLS viewing. iPhones and iPads must be played in HLS.

FLASH/HLS Merit Demerit
  • ・Less time lag (approx.: 10 seconds)
  • ・The video often freezes
  • ・FLASH App maker support has ended
  • ・The video rarely freezes
  • ・More time lag (approx.: 70 to 120 seconds)

I cannot View LIVE TV

Video and audio may be interrupted.

This occurs when the communication line speed temporarily decreases. If it freezes for a long time, please reload the LIVE TV viewing page once again. If you are logged out, please login again.

Home communications lines, whether fiber-optic connections, ADSL, Wi-Fi, or 4G etc. always fluctuate depending on the individual situation and factors unrelated to the customer.
When using iPhones or iPads, specifications will cause the playback quality to automatically improve when the data reception speed stabilizes.

The LIVE TV won't play.

・It’s possible that your communication line is crowded.

Please wait a moment as playback may improve if your data reception stabilizes.

・There is a possibility that your browser screen has not been reloaded.

You can reload the screen with buttons "F5" for Windows and "command + R" for Mac.

・By resetting the Internet Explorer browser settings you may be able to play the videos.

From [Tools]→[Internet options ]→[Advanced] please click [Reset].

・Flash Player may be the cause.

Please delete Flash Player and reinstall.

・Proxy may be the cause.

If you are using proxy, please remove it.

・When "get Adobe Flash Player" is displayed on a PC.

Flash Player may not be installed or may be out of date.Please install it from here.

・When JavaScript is not enabled in the browser settings.

The application cannot work.Please enable JavaScript.

・There's a possibility that temporary internet files and website files (cache) may be the cause.

Please delete according to the procedure for each browser.

Internet Explorer [Tools]→[Internet Options]→[General]→[Delete Browsing History]
Safari [Tools]→[Edit]→[Empty Cache...]→[Empty]
Chrome [Option]→[Settings]→[Clear browsing data...]
Android [Menu]→[Other]→[Settings]→[Clear cache]

For JWBL LIVE TV, we recommend Internet Explorer9 or later, safari6 or later, Chrome14 or later and we especially recommend the latest version of Chrome.Install Chrome here

・When Android devices (smartphones, tablets) are used.

If you cannot watch via your default browser please try using the Dolphin Browser.

Tap the icon shaped like a jigsaw puzzle in the upper right corner of the Dolphin Browser, to go to the control panel.After choosing add-on Flash Master, go to [LIVE TV]→[Flash]→[300mbs].

Slow communication speed

Customers who enjoy watching JWBL LIVE TV on smartphones and tablets with high image quality may generate approx. 1.35 GB of communication traffic volume per game. When viewing using LTE on a smartphone or tablet, or when using tethering, please pay attention to limitations on the amount of communication per day and per month.

Your current communication traffic volume can be checked via applications and web services of each telecommunications company.

  • Click here to check NTT Docomo communication traffic volume
  • Click here to check au communication traffic volume
  • Click here to check SoftBank communication traffic volume

For long time viewing we recommend using a Wi-Fi environment.


E-mail Inquiries

E-mail address jwblinfo@jwbl.or.jp

Please include specific details of your inquiry in your e-mail. It may take several days to reply to your email.Thank you for your understanding.
In case you are taking measures against junk mail, please set your domain to allow "jwbl.or.jp".

  • ※When sending inquiries regarding registration status confirmation or changes etc. please contact us using your registered email address.
  • ※When sending inquiries regarding viewing, please include the information listed below to ensure a smooth response.
  • ・Current status
  • ・Audiovisual equipment(e.g., PC, smartphone, tablet)
  • ・OS(e.g., Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, other)
  • ・Browser(e.g., Internet Explorer, Safari, FireFox)
  • ・Internet Provider(e.g., Biglobe, Nifty)
  • ・Viewing Region(e.g., Fukuoka prefecture)
  • ・Other(e.g., Is there any improvement when viewing in low-speed mode?)

Telephone Inquiries

Telephone number 0120-89-1538
Reception time weekday 10:00~17:00